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J!EPIAG is a blog about life in all of its aspects.

Our credo is to create happy society in the whole world.
While travelling around our beautiful Planet we’ve noticed that really few people know the real Ukraine. So our aim is to break some superstitions and help you to find new like-minded people.
Specially for our foreign friends we’ve decided to create an English chapter. In the category «Ukraine»  we’ll  write some interesting things about Slavonic mentality. So we are waiting for your questions and we’ll happily share our knowledge. You’ll discover a lot of fascinating facts, that will change your mind.
We hope that you’ll enjoy our stories

What do you know about Orthodox Traditions? No, I’m not crazy😂 Which were your first thoughts when you saw a girl in a swimsuit, walking into freezing water? Maybe she’s lost the bet? Or maybe she participates in some weird kind of sport? Or maybe that ice is not real and what we see is a thermal pool? Oh, no, my dear friends. I assure you that water is terribly cold. But what could force me to do that? Well, to explain that, we have to go back in time a bit. Actually, I hate cold water. Even in summer,…

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