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For Our Foreign Friends


J!EPIAG is a blog about life in all of its aspects.
Our credo is to create a society of happy people.
If you love art, travelling and delicious food — we’ll have a fascinating journey together.
Mostly, our articles are in Russian, but specially for our foreign friends we’ve decided to create an English chapter. In the category «For Our Foreign Friends»  we’ll try to write some interesting things about Slavonic mentality and our countries. We believe that it’s really important to share knowledge about cultures, as it connects people and help you to find friends in any place of the world.

Every time I’m totally hypnotized with the sky❤. Over the past year I boarded the plane more than 30 times and each trip gave me a new breath. I’m very grateful to the way my life goes, I believe that everything happened is for the best and I know that our wise world takes care of us. Universe listens to us and our dreams, you know. Whenever I wish something, I mean it. It may take more time, than I foresee, but my goals are always accomplished.  非常好 😁 One story from my life While being adolescent, some fellows asked…

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